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January 20, 2007

Nokia Releases N73 Business Card Reader App

by Darla

Screenshot0025_1 Nokia has released a new freeware software for Nokia S60 3rd Edition mobile devices called Nokia Business Card Reader.  Somewhat hidden in the midst of available applicatons, the Business Card Reader allows you to scan a business card using the cell phone’s camera, adjust it for the mobile device screen and read the phone numbers off the card.

While the app is a cool concept, it totally takes away from the camera of the N73.  Then again it could just be the business cards. 

The camera options for scanning the business card are up close and auto.  You can scan either 1 card or multiple.   

Apparently, this app is only available for the China market (according to the path of the download link) but can be downloaded here.  This app will only work on the N73, hence the title, N73 Business Card Reader.

[via:  Tech[dot]Blog]


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