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January 23, 2007

Nokia N95 UK Release Date Announced

by Darla


For all of those longing for the N95, reports have been made that the Nseries powerhouse is scheduled to hit the UK market the 2nd week of March.

UK distributors are expecting their first shipments of the device to arrive on the 7th.

[via:  RingNokia, Mad4MobilePhones, MobileToday]


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what about malaysia?! ahhahahahaha


I live in the US. And i can't wait for the US release. The N95 will be my next phone.


So since it will be released in Europe in 3-4 weeks, is there a company that would be willing to ship unbranded/unlocked phones to the US? I'm sure there are, but was looking for recommendations.


Bruce- sorry man. No US release. It appears on the Nokia USA website now- but I guess word from Nokia is that some "comparable" unit will be released in US sometime down the road.

No N95 in the states. We have to buy ours from somewhere else. Pro- you can have an N95 Con- only EDGE data service... no 3G. No HSDPA.

We're too amazed by the RAZR to get real phones. I bet the iPhone makes it here in a snap too.

DCODE- check out mobilebee.com- and expansys. There will be plenty of overseas N95's available here. Nokia set the pricing guideline for 550 euros. Expect to pay more than that upon release. Especially from retailers that know we can't buy one here. Just remember- no 3G support. HSPDA is on another frequency than US in Europe.

Happy waiting friends...

Aaron Martin-Colby

It's odd, though.

No "official" US release, yet the phone supports GSM 850, which is only in use in North America and a smattering of South America. Are they saying they're going to give this phone to Ecuador but not us?


HOLY MOLY that's expensive


its out on the 7th or april play.com is selling it for 500

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