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January 23, 2007

Nokia N95 Q&A

by Darla

Nokia_n95 This week I'll be receiving an N95 to review.  I do plan on doing a full review, but I wanted to know beforehand if anyone had any questions or concerns that they would like me to check out.  Sometimes even though reviews are done, they don't cover everything that consumers might have inquires on.

So, drop a line and tell me what specifics you would like to know about.


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GPS. So far every preview I've seen has been with units that don't have GPS, so if this unit does, I'd love to know the specifics. How good is the software? Is it easy to update the maps? Can you add more cities as you travel? What about 'places of interest'? How good/fast is it at detecting the satellites? Does it have a compass feature? What other GPS type features are included if you're off the maps?

The other things I'd like to know are:
1) Battery life
2) Ease of use with WiFi
3) Speed of the user interface compared with other S60 devices

If you can answer these questions, I'll be a happy camper. :P


I have some q.

1. I would like to know how the precision of the gps is.
2. I really wold like to see some high res photo and video.
3. How is the media button is it touch buttons or ordinary buttons.

And two more thing then i will try to not bugging you any more :)
4. How does it feel in the hand small, big or perfect :)
5. How is the slide does it feel like its going to break or is it good.


hmmm...lets see...
how fast does it turn on?
how quick is the ui?
hows the camera?
hows the video quality?
how is watching a movie of the phone? and useing the tv out?
how does the slider feel?
how is wifi?
game play? ex can you use the media keys to play games instead of the keypad!
how is multitasking?
how does the gps perform? and can you put on a third party gps softwere onto the phone and still use the internal gps chip? (if you dont have that softwere i know were to get it)
hows the media player?
how does the phone organize the pictures and videos?
does it have vibrate?
how is the call quality?
is it loud(speaker phone)?
and can i have it? (^_^)

sry if thats alil much!!


Hey Darla!

Here my questions for your N95 review (I am sooo jealous!):
- Camera use for pictures | To what extend has Nokia enabled normal digicam possibilities like macro photography and shooting modes.
- Screen vulnerability | In what way is the screen exposed to scratching and pressure when put in a pocket or purse
- What applications are in the standard configuration? Barcode/Businesscard reader? What games?
- Is the device easily to add to the iSync list for syncing with Apple computers?

That's all for now, enjoy your time with it...! But I know you will!!!



Here's a question; what happens when you ship the N95 to my address? ;P

Actually, the only thing I want to know is if the new version of the Web browser supports flash capable of viewing videos from YouTube? Other than that, please cover how well the GPS function works and that should do it for me. :) Thanks, Darla!

Rita Khoury

One thing I'd like to know is the ease of use of the music player when the phone is in the keypad opened mode. Is it like the 3250 when the phone is in the normal mode? Like do you get an on-screen line of the song playing in active standby, and by clicking on it you get to the music player?
Hm, I don't know I believe it's a shame that Nokia fell in the same trap like with the 3250: you can't have your dedicated music keys when you're typing, and you can't type when you're using the music keys.
I would like to know if they did anything with the software to improve this hardware problem.
The other thing is the picture quality at night. I think SE have a new phone with a new flash system, and I would love to see whether Nokia planned to respond with their N95.


Some things I think all Nokia S60 lovers would like to know...

1. Does it play all variations of .MP4 vids??
2. Timed Profiles?
3. Birthday in Contacts assigned in Calendar app. automatically??(ability to set reminder and show the age of the current contact)
4. Can we send a theme to another device via BT, delete with "c"(not through App. Manager) and option to transfer to Mem.Card/PhoneMem.?? (if in Phone transfer it in MMC like in 6680-6630)
5. Folders in Notes??
6. Scientific Calc?
7. Unlimited voice recording?
8. Fonts in all Apps??
9. In Calendar: Copy/Paste of an event to another date, different background image in every month, View all->Meetings,Annies...??
10. In Gallery: Can we create folders in each tab(Images&Videos, Songs...)??
11. Send Later, Smilies and Text Editor (Bold,Colour,In center,Bullet,Paragraph... etc.) in Messages??
12. Autolock without lock code?
13. Fullscreen (animated) Wallpapers (ability to change colour of letters-like in S40)
14. Fullscreen Call/Message ID??
15. RDS and ability to record a live broadcast in Radio???
16. Ability to set a different sound in every single alarm??
17. Message counter and print option in Log??
18. Option how to view Contacts like Contact with Number?? like in S40
19. SlideShow option ifor Wallpapers and ScreenSavers??
20. In Menu: Select from several Folder icons for the new Folders we create, Show above the scroll bar the number/position of the hihglighted App. like in S40 (to know the menu number shortcuts), Show time/date in menu until we open an application like Explorer (second line under the line with signal/battery indicators)???

Thank you in advance!! You are the best, I read your blog everyday!!!;)
I'm hoping they 'll do their best and make a really great device!!!


Hi darla pl. Check the loudness of audio both in intragated speakers and earphones.


Hey Darla

I'd love to know if the Bluetooth sub-system has been updated - specifically, if devices can be marked in some way that means you don't need to search for them every time you want to send them something.

Also, how's the WiFi? I'm sure you'll talk about it - but I'm pretty interested in how it plays with the GPS system :)



I'm interested at what Tommy mentioned in his blog lately, which is the new location of some configurations, maybe integrated into the "Settings", I'm not sure how it is in FP1.

I would also like to know if it doesn't feel strange controlling a game with inverted controls; directional in the right and action buttons on the left.

Also would like to see a few screens of the new themes (if there is more than the one most advertised, featured in the photo above).

And also all the basics, but I thing these 3 are the ones that had the possibility of be skipped in a review, and I would like them to be there.

See you!



What i would like to know is this ... is the GPS a 'real' GPS? I mean, can I use it with TomTom?



Congrats on the opportunity Darla, i really look forward to the review.

Since i am currently enjoying the music of my N91 for the past 6 months, i am looking to upgrade to the N95. I can handle the loss of Gigabytes, but not the loss of music capabilities and this being an N series multimedia computer, i expect very good performance.

Thus my queries are:

- What kind of headset is used? The N95 has a standard headphone port like the N91, but the N91 has an in-line remote for music controls. From the pictures of the N95's headphone port, i don't see the extra slot for enabling those music controls.
A Nokia rep told me that the N95's headphone port has the extra "pins" integrated into it and the headset plug. Can you confirm this?

- Next, can you find out if possible, how the sound compares to the excellent quality of the N91 via head phones and loudspeaker.

- Can you go a little in depth into the multitasking of the music versus other working of the phone. I refer to how easy it is to use the slide out music controls whilst using another application. All in comparison to the N91's front mounted, independent music controls.

- Finally, have an affair with me, and the three of us will be happy. I, You and the N95 of course. ^__^

Thanks diva.


Hi Darla, my main area of interest is the camera, both for photos and videos - I'd love to see a side by side comparison of the N93, N73 and N95.


Ciao Darla,

I am interested in the Flash Lite 2 capabilities. I would like to contact you and create some Flash Lite content for you to test.



S - i - z - e !!!!

May be can you compare to a palm TX.........



GPS questions. As people have asked:

1. Can I use the built in GPS with TomTom, others?

2. I understand that viewing the maps (sort of as in mobile google maps mode) is free, but that any navigation or points of interest use of the built in maps is not free--can you explain in detail?

3. The built in GPS, I understand it can download a predefined amount of data (say for the city of NY) to your device while you're on WLAN without then having to resort to using carrier data to download same while out on the roads. Talk about how detailed these settings cane be.


1. How fast is the UI, launching progs?
2. RAM. RAM. RAM? (you know what I'm asking).
3. How is the screen? (I'm sure its bright, but how is the resolution stretched over 2.6"?)
4. Is the phone as thick as N80?

Please post many pics. Please take better pics than 99.9% of all other blogers out there. (rant/ seriously people, learn how to focus your damn camera--read the manual or something, learn about "macro" mode /end of rant)


Hello Darla - only one question:

Can the N95 GPS be used to provide GPS data over Bluetooth to external devices such as laptops and UMPC devices, even the Nokia N800 (the latter has Nokia-provided navigation software - why carry a seperate GPS device in addition to the phone?)

Having the N95 provide GPS data would make the N95 into a fantastic companion device.


1)Does GPS require an active data connection like wlan of gprs?
2)is the video as good the N93?
3)Does the browser have the necesary flash to play yutube or other flash content?

Rafael Oliveira

Hey Darla,

Just two questions:
Do you get to keep it?
Can you take the themes out and post them to the community?

Just kidding, I really want to know about the GPS, does it work indoors (some do) and if not, does it have to be, say, on the car's dashboard for it to get a connection or it can be on the passenger's seat or somewhere that doesn't have a direct view of the sky

Good luck!


saw this on ringnokia,
so i hoped over.

i have a few:










thank you so much

hope to see the review in the next few weeks

take lots of pics, hv fun


WOW!!! I go away for a day and this is what I come back to!! Lol, I will try my best to answer all of the questions... in the meantime, Rafe from AllAboutSymbian has received his N95 already, so head on over to check out his preview.



MicroSDHC support? I seem to fill up the 2GB on my n80 quickly.


I forgot one. AD2P?


about the n95 review!

can you plz check is the n95 have the same annoying glitch on the slides as the nokia 6280 have?

best regards from sweden


BTW. How the f--- have you got your hands on this one??
Im soooo jealous ;)

Would do anything to get my hands on any new device that comes up :)

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