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August 18, 2006

Accessing PC Files From Your S60 Device

by Darla

Soonr_1 Leave it to Antony Pranata to come up with the best S60 tips and tricks.   His most recent, which was extremely helpful for me, is accessing pc files via your s60 device

SoonR is a free program that installs on your pc or laptop and allows accessing of your files such as MS Outlook, Skype, My Documents or another other folders that you choose.

How does SoonR work? It works by installing an agent on your PC, called SoonR Desktop Agent. The agent will then share your files to your phone’s browser via SSL connection (128 bit SSL to be exact). It works the same way to access applications, such as Outlook and Skype. Your phone acts as remote control to the applications via SSL connection.

This is perfect for me because I have alot of pics of the kids that I don't keep stored on my phone.  It doesn't dawn on me until I'm actually near one of those Kodak Kiosks that I didn't store certain images on the phone just in case I happen to be near a kiosk! 

Another good feature of the program is that you can also access your info from the website via a different pc for example if you are at school.  I guess that might omit carrying a jump drive around all the time :)

via:  S60Tips.com


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Mac keth

I am not sure what’s going on. I have tried several times to make a phone call. The connection is established, but there is no sound. I will try it again later and let you know what’s the result.

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