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September 11, 2005

N-Gage QD Accessory Portfolio Now Selling

by Darla


No sooner than I had asked the question on Mobitopia the N-Gage QD Accessory Portolio items appeared N-Gage website's online store (UK).  (Trust me... it wasn't there when I had asked)

Some items are available now and the rest, such as the talked about Wireless Dual Bluetooth Headset, will be available in October.

My N-Gage quest today also brought me to AllAboutNGage, where Ewan and Rafe reviewed the difference between the regular QD and the new Silver QD. 


"It's an N-Gage QD. That's silver. Next!"

Lol, God Iove those guys!!!




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N-gage is a great phone but it sometimes gets hang during game play. Can you suggest me some fixes for that.


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